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Our latest jewelry obsession is of the rustic, vintage-like collection from The 2 Bandits. Inspired by Southwestern influences with bohemian charm, designer Tamar Wider designs easily stackable rings, wrap-around bracelets, and pendant necklaces that can easily adorn any outfit we have on. Check out images from their latest look book, The Circle Game, featuring some of our favorite pieces for Fall.




Posted by: John barry (Guest) (New York) on August 12 , 2013 @ 10:30PM

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Posted by: kristy (Guest) (wichita, ks) on August 05 , 2013 @ 10:03PM

i really like what loyally elegant is coming together with on facebook local an hard working i liove them

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Posted by: Jaclyn (Guest) (Sacramento, CA) on July 26 , 2013 @ 11:00AM

You chose great pieces! I love the dress, sexy, chic, and a statement all of its own! Check my blog:

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Talk about a brand that makes a statement! Founder and designer of LA-based Line & Dot, April Oh, divulges in the delights of designing a collection that completely embodies her personal style mantras. From being influenced by that French je ne sais quoi to the inspiring cityscapes of Los Angeles, the collection of tops, dresses, and skirts are everything we dream of wearing this Fall. Read on to get to know a little more about the Line & Dot.

1. Describe the LINE & DOT girl in three words:
Vintage-lover, Cosmopolitan, Confident.

2. What is the meaning behind the name, LINE & DOT?
Style is a statement, and since all statements start with a line and end with a dot, the name just fit.

3. What was the inspiration/vibe behind the pre-fall collection?
Line & Dot’s Fall inspiration came from the Russian Revolution and the iconic propaganda of that era. The collection also manages to evoke the minimalistic structure of military style while maintaining the chic felinity that embodies the Line & Dot brand.

4. Do you have a specific girl in mind while you design? What is she like?
Caroline De Maigret. She’s a French model and a music producer. She does not follow trends, she’s a natural trendsetter and has an effortless style.

5. How does living/working in LA influence your design aesthetic?
LA has everything. We have beaches and mountains, nostalgia and modernity. Inspiration comes from everywhere especially in culture. LA has its own way of making you feel relaxed at home.

6. What is your favorite piece from the collection and why?
The prairie lace dress. This style is very feminine, girlish and cute. I love that this piece can go with anything!

7. Where would your perfect date night be, and what would you wear?
A perfect date night for me would be drinking wine and watching the sunset in Santorini, Greece, wearing a white long gauze slip dress

8. Favorite Fall trends?
Film-Noir, Mid-Century Silhouette.

9. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Like to eat Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream in a waffle cone alone while watching Mad Men.

10. What's playing on your iPod?
Silently by Blonde Redhead.



Posted by: Tina (Guest) (NY, New York) on August 24 , 2013 @ 04:27PM

Nice clothes! Check out my website

Posted by: Tina (Guest) (New York, ny) on August 24 , 2013 @ 04:29PM

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Posted by: Timothy P. Wilson (Guest) (Williamsburg, Virginia) on August 15 , 2013 @ 04:51PM

Does this company have ANY single modely with a size over 2 (two). I am willing to bet it is probably (0) Zero for most of the models. I dont judge. you can keep right on rollin'. I just wanted to point it out.

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Posted by: Nana (Guest) (Korea, Seoul) on August 09 , 2013 @ 08:22PM

Woooow I love this pictures!!

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