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Looking back at 2012, the amount of beautiful couture gowns gliding down the red carpet kept us dreaming of sequins, tulle and chiffon. From Anne Hathaway to Adele, Refinery 29's red carpet queens are definitely at the top of our list of fashion-forward females, but when it comes to personal style inspiration, we don't look to the carpet or runway, but the REALway. We've been collecting images of our favorite starlets strutting the streets in the ultimate piece of the year - JEANS! These denim darlings werked it in current/elliott, Paige Denim, 7 For All Mankind, just to name a few, and made each their own with either a sleek blazer, sky-high heels, and loads of jewelry. If 2012 was this chic, we can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!


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There is no time like now to indulge in luxurious boots, because let's face it - heels aren't going to cut it when walking around town this winter. Australia Luxe Collective is at the top of the sheepskin boot game, designing each boot with style (and of course comfort and warmth) intended. Founders Nicole Durand and Stuart Rush are here to chat with us about their Aussie-born line and the meaning of living the luxe life.

1.what inspired you to create Australia Luxe Collective?
Australia Luxe Collective was born out of Melbourne, Australia where sheepskin boots originated from. We wanted to make them as beautiful and stylish as they could be and bring these to the Northern Hemisphere.

2.who do you have in mind when designing your boots?
There is no one ideal woman that we have in mind. At the start of each collection, we sit down and think of all our customers, what their style is, what they like and what they want to wear the following season. We like to bring unexpected surprises and touches to make each boot both special and wearable.

3.where is your favorite winter destination?
There are so many special places to experience winter but Amsterdam has to be one of the most picturesque. It's like walking into a Christmas story book and especially beautiful in the snow.

4.what is your favorite thing about the holidays?
Relaxing with the people we love over good food and wine whilst wearing gorgeous winter outfits.

5.which boot is your favorite, and why?
We love so many of our boots! There is always a style that suits different moods perfectly depending on how we are feeling. Pistol for an edgy look and Tsar for luxurious days.

6.three things you can't live without:
An iPod, this season's Alexander McQueen black handbag that fits everything perfectly and stylishly, and Luxe boots!

7.what do you think is the perfect outfit to pair with Luxe boots?
An example of a perfect outfit would be, Theory leather pants, a Chanel tweed jacket finished with a pair of black Pistols.



Posted by: photogLuxe (Guest) (San Francisco, CA) on December 30 , 2012 @ 02:00PM

Who is the model in the photo for Australia luxe?

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Every day we are inspired by beautiful things we see, and the beautiful people we are surrounded with. Today, we are especially inspired by Jessica Hendricks, an enterprising go-getter, an ambitious philanthropist, and the founder of The Brave Collection. Words can't describe how amazing she is, so we'll let her words do all the explaining. Read below for our one-on-one Q&A with Jessica.

1.What career path did you have in mind before your first trip to Cambodia?
I was studying Acting at NYU Tisch - my heart was set on being an actress when I was a kid. I think I fell in love with acting because I loved storytelling, and when I went to Cambodia, I found a story that needed to be told.

2.Did you ever imagine you'd be a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist at such a young age?
I've always had the entrepreneurial bug! When I was in 7th grade I had a line of headbands that I hot-glued together in my bedroom. I had a look book and everything! Likewise, I've always wanted to give back, but until Brave I think I just wasn't quite sure how. That's one of our goals with Brave, to give people an approachable way to give back and make a difference.

3.When was the moment you felt Brave was making a difference?
I received a note from one of our artisans who makes our bracelet pouches telling me how our business is helping her to put her daughter through school. It's quite powerful ? in a country like Cambodia, a small opportunity can go a long way.

4.Did you have any background in fashion before starting Brave?
I took some classes at FIT, but I've learned most of what I know through my mother who has two beautiful jewelry boutiques. She taught me to value handmade artistry, and fashion that comes with a history and meaningful story behind it.

5.Are the Cambodian artisans the sole designers of the bracelets and bags? Or is there a team of designers?
It's definitely a team effort between New York and Cambodia. I wanted to create a line that spoke to the unique culture of Cambodia and celebrated its beautiful language, while remaining compelling to a Western audience. We work hand in hand to integrate traditional Eastern craftsmanship with modern Western design, creating a truly global product.

6.Name one short term and long term goal you have for Brave
Short term, I'm looking forward to getting our Spring/Summer styles off the ground in time to celebrate our one year anniversary this February! Long term, I want to grow, grow, grow! New colors, new styles, everything's on the table and there's lots of dreaming happening!

7.Do you have any advice for young aspiring philanthropists?
Believe in your own power and be patient with yourself. Starting something new is terrifying and it takes time, but if you really hone into what it is you want to do, the universe will work its magic to help make it happen. Don't be discouraged by the gravity or enormity of the cause you're fighting for because the tiniest efforts can make an enormous difference.

8.Which is your favorite piece from the Brave collection, and why?
I love the True Red Brass Bracelet (link to product). Cambodia is a largely Buddhist country, so many people there have a red string tied around their wrists from the temples for protection and good luck. Red has a certain power to it, a certain Bravery even, so a red Brave bracelet is a double whammie of courage and strength!

9.What does bravery mean to you?
I always thought Bravery was for first dates and tribal-patterned pants. And it is! But going to Cambodia and meeting a country full of survivors of a terrible genocide in the 1970s, and witnessing how the aftermath affects so many young people, many of whom have fallen victim to human trafficking, the word Brave took on new meaning for me. Bravery is so universal, and yet it resonates with each of us in a different way.
10.What kind of woman do you have in mind when you are designing the collections?
Strong, free and empowered women, "pioneers of the possible" as writer Angela Nazarian would say.



Posted by: Patrick Yee (New York, NY) on December 27 , 2012 @ 08:02PM

Such an inspiring story and line, thanks Revolve!

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'Tis the season to dress up and glam out! New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and our resident makeup artist Gloria is here to present a step-by-step on the perfect sultry holiday (non black) smoky eye using just one color palette from Stila! Have a beautiful 2013!

1. COVER YOUR BASICS. apply your usual face moisturizer, foundation/powder, groom your brows, and apply lip balm.
2. WITH A FAT BRUSH, liberally pack on the dark and shimmery shadow on your lids.

3. WITH A THIN BRUSH, apply that same color along your bottom lash line. Then use the upper eyelid highlighter color at the inner corners of your eyes. 
4. FADED LINER. line your upper and lower lashline with black gel liner, or use the darkest color of the palette. then blend with a brush to soften the lines.
5. BAT YOUR LASHES! apply a few coats of the Stila mascara (it comes with the palette!) on both upper and lower lashes.
6. ET VOILA! brush on some blush or bronzer on your cheeks, apply clear or nude lip gloss, and you're ready to party.
'til next time! you know you love it,

Beauty Babe


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