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Untitled Document that's chic for iT Jeans!

LaRok top and iT Jean Joy Comfort Rider in Emerald both gifted from REVOLVE. Secondhand hat. Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. Urban Outfitters cardigan.

that's chic for iT Jeans!

Both wrinkly-fronted and classic, these completely fulfill my need of a vintage-looking pair of jeans that are screaming to be naturally worn in throughout Spring. And at the risk of sounding finicky, I always have a hard time finding a pair of jeans that I like because the choices are overwhelming with the combinations of cuts, washes, complex designs, and whatever else you can use to decorate a pair of jeans. I paired my new rustic jeans with a flirty top capable of showing my midriff due to the lapse of frontal buttons as well as the alluring sheer mesh that hangs behind me. I sort of feel like a fairy in it. Thank you REVOLVE for the wonderful gifts.


Posted by: Ali (Guest) (Ashland OR) on September 08 , 2012 @ 09:35PM

How do I let them know my length?

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Posted by: ;) (Guest) (;)) on May 06 , 2010 @ 10:53AM

I totally agree...Seems a bit tacky to expose the fact that REVOLVE is giving them the items...I also agree with what 'Chris' said about their writing...Very irritating when their writing style and use of words is parallel to that of an elementary student. I read one blog where the blogger used a word in totally incorrect context. Not hatin', just sayin' it just doesn't look good. I also enjoy REVOLVE's own editorials. AND, I've seen very few blogs posted here, where the blogger's style was any good...

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Posted by: Chris (Guest) (NY) on May 05 , 2010 @ 07:49PM

"gifted from REVOLVE"? I realize lots of companies send products to bloggers in hopes for good PR...but can't see how it's helpful when it's so...said out loud by the blogger?And...Revolve's own blog of late has been overrun by these guest bloggers, who are starting to be indistinguishable, in both their style and writing...I personally enjoy Revolve's own editorials.Faithful shopper

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