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With the launch of our official Denim Guide, we thought it'd be nice to get some more behind-the-jeans insight from the denim brand that pretty much embodies all of our top trends - MOTHER. We sat down with designer-founder duo Tim and Leila at the MOTHER showroom in downtown LA, surrounded by color-coordinated racks of jeans upon jeans, and chatted about what else? JEANS. Welcome to denim heaven.

ANNA (REVOLVE): How did MOTHER come about?
TIM: I was working on the line in my basement for about a year when I met Leila. The two of us went drinking one day and the rest is history.
LEILA: We're growing it very naturally and slowly. We're not forcing anything as far as trying to sell to everyone.

A: Who is the MOTHER girl?
T: Girls looking for something new and she's not looking for crazy jeans. She's just looking for a new avenue in jeans. I think it's the girl who is looking for something a little more special or more unique or less out there in the marketplace.
L: When people get into it, they get excited, and form an emotional attachment to it. Like, I love Mother!

A: Tell us about your first pair of jeans.
T: I don't remember my first pair of jeans, but I remember the first pair of jeans I fell in love with. They were my Girbauds from like 1984. I loved them so much that they literally turned white from my mom washing them like every other day and just fell apart. I thought was the coolest thing in the world.
L: It was like Gloria Vanderbelt or Jordache in like 2nd or 3rd grade.

A: So you were like destined for denim!
L: I guess so! It's kind of like the coolest thing you can wear. It makes you feel cool when you wear it. And I always wanted to be cool.
T: The only article of clothing that gets better over time.
L: And leather.

A: What?s the rule for washing jeans?
T: We live in a modern world. No girl is not going to not wash her jeans.
L: Not washing your jeans is nasty!

A: How do you develop the color palette for every collection?
T: First we do the colors. We have color stories every month and then from there we decide on technique, embroidery, prints, type of dye process.
L: I?m really into light washes.

A: Where did the name MOTHER come from?
T: Our Mothers.
A: Really? That's so sweet!
T: No, not really!
L: He wanted a single word, one word, that was a strong, powerful word.
T: Mother is a word that you could play a duality off of...Duality of good and evil, black and white, hard and soft. There's so many great Psycho moments to play off of.
A: It's a good name.
T: We wanted to create the MOTHER world. People get into it and start to understand the names of our fits and the names of our washes. We decided to not name it Fall, Spring, Summer. Wander is Fall, Swing is Spring, Splash is Summer, Party is Resort/Holiday. For Holiday, people want to party, that's what you do.

A: Last words?
T: What we do is so much better than everything else in the world. Except for God maybe.
A: That?s all we need to know!



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