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Everybody needs to go on a lengthy, spontaneous road trip at least once in their lives. But, if you're not the sleep-in-your-car, diner-eating, getting-lost-everyday type of gal, MINKPINK has made it easy for us to travel cross-country vicariously through them - and look super cute doing it! One of our favorite Aussie brands, MINKPINK has just released their second world campaign, a road-trip video montage inspired by the free-spirited thrill of adventure-seeking via automobile.

From petting zoos, to dingy motels, to the beach, the two road travelers have us transported into '90s wonderland with their daisy-printed dresses, high-waist denim shorts, and midriff- bearing tops. What really caught our eye was the total Cher moment with the two-piece spandex ensemble, finished, of course, with a pair of combat boots.

Check out the video for some '90s road trip outfit inspiration, and we promise not to tell anyone you never actually left the house.



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