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BC Footwear Guest Bloggin @ REVOLVE!

BC Footwear Guest Bloggin @ REVOLVE!

BC Footwear Guest Bloggin @ REVOLVE!

BC Footwear Guest Bloggin @ REVOLVE!

The gals over at BC Footwear sent over a few looks that highlight their favorite shoes and inspire some serious fall fashion!

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Tuesday Video Inspiration

Models, BB guns, vintage trucks...that's right, it's time to get another look at what it's like to be on location with the lovely REVOLVE team. Thanks to our photographer Ryan Aylsworth for his amazing camera work and crafty editing skills. Love it! You'll find all the looks featured in this shoot up on REVOLVE right now!

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Posted by: spence (Guest) (new york) on November 09 , 2013 @ 05:07AM

I like your article. Love your a support/a

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Posted by: Jessie Dax (Guest) (Newport Beach, CA) on July 20 , 2011 @ 11:55PM

You always have my support Batres!!!!

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Posted by: Dalwoman (Guest) (LA, CA) on July 20 , 2011 @ 10:36AM


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Guest Blog: A Roundup Of Sunnies From Shades Spotting

Need new frames for fall? We asked Shades Spotting blogger Roman Espejo to dish on his absolute faves for this season!

Karen Walker The Village
The Village is an ingenious mashup of eyewear trends I've been spotting: round lenses, cat-eye frames, and crossbars.

Super Sunglasses W
Super is a Shades Spotting fave, and the W lives up to its name with its sleekly geometric angles.

Ray-Ban Round Aviator
In metallic gold, the Round Aviator is a glam-slam remake of the iconic sunglasses as only Ray-Ban can.

Cutler & Gross 0737
The 0737 throws a serious curve at the up-to-the-minute look of thick, round acetate frames.

Costalots 83's
Based on safety glasses, the candy-toned 83's are way more stylish than the ones you wore in woodshop.

Roman is the San Diego-based blogger behind Shades Spotting, a blog specializing in fashionable frames and super-cute sunnies. He's also a contestant to become Sunglass Hut's blogger! (You can vote for him here!) To shop more of his picks, check out his boutique!


Posted by: verdy (Guest) (paris) on July 19 , 2011 @ 12:34AM

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Posted by: Jacque (Boise, ID ) on March 21 , 2011 @ 09:16AM

I have seen the model everyone is talking about and I have to agree with a lot of the comment about her frame. I believe she looks to thin for this sight. It has deterred me from buying on this site. I used to shop from here all the time, but seeing her was disturbing. I would think as a photographer and employer, I would be deeply concerned for her. Also, if you choose to keep shooting her...maybe have her smile, she is way to cute not to smile.

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Classic Black, and Then Some

Black is such a classic color—you can really play it up and look extremely sexy, or keep it totally classic. The trick is showing skin and adding edge at all the right places, but also keeping your look slightly mellow. Here are a couple pieces to get you started:

1. Nightcap is one of my favorite lines this season—they have the best dresses and this is one of my favorites. The lace and Victorian collar keep it classy, but you still get show off your legs and a sexy cut-out in the back!

2. Back in the day, people would make beautiful jewelry out of materials like gold, garnets, and resin. I love the use of resin on this necklace! It's simple, yet very glamorous.

3. This Donna Mizani skirt has pops of geometric mesh sections that look like it's sheer to the skin, but it's not.

4. These shoes remind me of Brian Atwood's Harrison Chain-Trimmed pumps, but way more affordable. I love the corset style lacing on the heel!

5. The straps are very edgy. I love juxtapositions: light and dark, symmetry and asymmetry, and in this case, the lady with a classic pump meets a edgy, rock 'n' roll-er.

—By Deborah Zee of Hypebeast


Posted by: Salwar kameez (Guest) (bangalore) on August 12 , 2013 @ 12:07AM

The blog is very informative, I want to know prices of each item.a href=" Kamez/a

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Posted by: jennifer ponder (Guest) (tarawa terrace, nc) on March 10 , 2011 @ 10:31PM

The model used for the vintage sports team t shirts is ridiculously thin! how can you market a product whose image is based on the explotation of CLEARLY anorexic/bulemic models. She is taking back the "no more waifs" movement ten years. She needs to take care of herself and this company needs to stop employing her.

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Posted by: splat (Guest) (sydney) on November 12 , 2010 @ 03:16AM

has anyone notice how anorexic that long haired brunette model is getting? she looks worse as time goes on, with dark circles under her eyes. for christ sakes its hideous, someone make her eat something, or replace her

Posted by: Daniella Minchelli (Guest) (nyc) on July 19 , 2012 @ 11:35PM

Such a shame. Even as a model, this chick is way to thin. This is commercial, not high fashion. Think of your clients and women who have normal to average body types. Damn, this world is getting the best of us. What happened to Marylin Monroe and Betty Page? Put some real bodies on here like the cool Cali blonde chick with some actual curves instead of the stick thin brunette. COME ON! GET REAL REVOLVE. (FYI I just purchased a few items and lets just say it looked nothing like the photos, are you just using a one time SMALL size on every picture taken?) Bummer!!!

Posted by: J StClair (Guest) (Sydney, NSW) on December 05 , 2011 @ 09:36PM

Revolve clothing and its casting

Posted by: Mariya (NY) on March 15 , 2011 @ 09:26PM

As a girl with a 23/24 waist, I completely agree. I am super short, so I look proportioned. She's not and looks ghastly. I can count her ribs in some pictures. Not pretty.

Posted by: Kristin (Milford, CT) on March 15 , 2011 @ 06:42PM

I agree, I felt all fat after reading her measurements, size 23 waist--glad to hear I am not the only woman who thinks it's totally unrealistic

Posted by: jennifer ponder (Guest) (tarawa terrace, nc) on March 10 , 2011 @ 10:33PM

Is she the chick from The City, that Whitney Port's old employer took aside and offered help to for her eating disorder? I can't look at her without wanting to donate money to a Help Feed America charity.

Posted by: msssssssssss (Guest) (portlamd, OR) on December 07 , 2010 @ 10:49AM

I thought I was the only one! She's way too skinny, she looks sick and super fragile. I can't look at the clothes she models because it just creeps me out

Posted by: Zannycat (Japan) on November 19 , 2010 @ 04:46AM

Well I thought it was just me being an older fuddy duddy! I can't honestly contemplate buying any clothes that she models. Face on, her head is the wider than her wiast!

Posted by: Second that emotion (Guest) (**) on November 12 , 2010 @ 07:48AM

I totally agree!! It's absolutely disgusting. Very distrubing the way her bones stick out and her overall look is just totally unhealthy.

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Posted by: Lanloy (guang zhou,guangdong) on September 10 , 2010 @ 06:37AM

Black color is classic color forever whatever which place.

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Rumi Got All Boho Babe On Us

Vest - Wish

(Wish vest courtesy of REVOLVE, Forever 21 sheer top, Pamela Love and vintage rings)

A few shots from LA this weekend...spent the last couple days moving and trying to divvy up my things so I can get dressed fully at our place in San Diego and up here. This would be painstaking but in a way I find a limited wardrobe more inspiring...same way I enjoy getting dressed out of a suitcase. I'm currently on a flight to Philadelphia sprawled across the slumbering boyfriend and wishing there were more food options on board than a fruit and cheese plate..we're flying out to work with Free People and he's going to shoot me for part of the October catalog. Free People always has such beautifully ethereal locations and styling, not to mention the best wispy dresses and boots, and I can't wait to see what they have planned.


Posted by: (Guest) (Pacific NW - currently in Bohemia) on August 06 , 2010 @ 12:59AM

I've been in Bohemia (i.e.a part of the Czech Republic called just that. It used to be the Kingdom of Bohemia way back when) for over two weeks now, looking into what true Bohemian trend looks like. Well, it's nothing like the atrocities "styled" here. Call it Cher gone postal or better, a stylist gone clueless and postal, but please do not use "Bohemian" in any form anywhere near these style-less, trend-less and taste-less wrecks.

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Posted by: Happy bunny (Los Angeles ca ) on July 16 , 2010 @ 09:23PM

Rabbit fur? Really? Murders.

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Posted by: Forward not backwards (Los Angeles, CA) on July 13 , 2010 @ 09:49PM

Rabbit Fur Vest? It's 2010 people...this is just backwards...

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Posted by: The Anti-Olsen (Guest) (New York City) on July 13 , 2010 @ 05:47PM

I've been seeing this fur vest business for years now. I think we've sufficiently killed the look, as well as "bohemian." Let's try and be fashion forward, not fashion stale.

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