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NYFW: A Quick Five Minutes with Tracy Reese

What was your inspiration behind the fall collection?
I wanted to create something really dynamic, striking, and confident. I think confidence is key. These clothes are ready to hit the street. They're for real women in real situations. I want to empower women to feel strong, powerful, and beautiful.

Did you try anything completely new this season?
We're working with this really cool fabric that has a neoprene surface. It gives you the wearability of a great knit with the athleticism and modernity of neoprene.

Do you have a favorite look of the collection?
I've got a lot of favorite looks. I love the idea of pairing a great cozy sweater with an embellished or patterned skirt. I think it's time to wear skirts again. We're so into our jeans. As much as I love colored denim, I feel that fall 2012 is the season for skirts.



NYFW: A Quick Five Minutes with Anna Sui

What's the secret to having such vibrant and memorable fashion shows?

I have fun with fashion! I am such a fan. I love clothes, and I love dressing up. So I think I have to keep it vibrant for my audience and customers. There are enough people that do serious. Let me be the happy one!

Can you talk about your inspiration behind the fall collection?

It's got a sixties vibe going on. I took color inspiration from the Alexander Gerard Book by Todd Oldham, and the wonderful Eames documentary. They were friends, and they both helped to create that sixties color palette of hot pink, red, orange, turquoise, green, and blue. But I also researched illustrators that I loved from that period. My favorite was this couple, Walter and Naiad Einsel. They created this great love for each other, and would send hand-written valentines back and forth every year. I feel like I am very much the same way. I was also so captivated by the Elizabeth Taylor auction that I had to throw in her infamous caftans.

And those owl hats! I want one in every color.

x Yes! I wanted to make the ultimate animal hat. Knitwear designer James Coviello helped me with those-he is such a genius!

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NYFW: Alice + Olivia Presentation

Like an ultra-glam madcap birthday celebration, the fall 2012 Alice + Olivia presentation injected the festive back into fashion. Guests were treated to pink champagne and ice cream treats while gazing at party-ready frocks and edgy sequin-laden looks. A mix of coquettish whimsy and statement separates, Alice + Olivia flaunted flirtatious floor-length gowns, bold patterns, and an attention-grabbing color palette that will have us finding reasons to dress up come fall.

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NYFW: Five Quick Minutes with Designer Amy Smilovic of Tibi

What was your inspiration behind the fall collection?

We took a lot of decade references from the sixties and the nineties. It's kind of like if Gwyneth Paltrow (circa 1997) had met the Beatles on the road somewhere.

Are there any current trends that you're really excited about?

Pencil skirts are one of the biggest trends things this season. On the runway, we paired them with sweatshirts, little blouses, and oversized tops. It's been a while but I'm in the mood to wear skirts.

Who is the Tibi girl? Who do you envision wearing this collection?

The Tibi girl is very confident in her style. My personal style does lean towards more minimal styling but it's always feminine and really relaxed.

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NYFW: A Quick Five Minutes with Timo Weiland

What was your inspiration behind the fall collection?

We were looking towards the latter days of the post-punk era and new wave nostalgia in New York City. This youth culture that was reacting to what was happening around them by creating art. We drew inspiration from the city looking at outer space and thinking that the sky was the limit. Some of our prints were actual photographs from space.

What did you try new this season?

Since we were sponsored by Saga Furs, we used a lot of fur and leather. It was a great experience to work with these luxurious materials.

Did you have a soundtrack while working on this collection?

Definitely! We listened to Wu Tang Clang, Christian Death, a lot of the Ramones, and KMFDM.

Do you have a favorite look from the collection?

Yeah, it's the men's plaid duffle coat. It was actually my sketch for GQ, so it's my favorite look.

How are you going to unwind after Fashion Week?

I'm going snowboarding!



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