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DAY 2: HOLLYWOOD SIGN (photos courtesy of photographer Chris Shintani)


Model: Ana Beatriz Barroz
Photographers: Christopher Shintani + Sara Marija Saric
Stylist: Marco Rodriguez
Fashion Editor: Lindsay Cummins
Hair/Makeup: Diane Da Silva 


Posted by: Holly (Guest) (Los Angeles, CA) on December 02 , 2013 @ 03:03PM

How fun! I was just up at the Hollywood sign this weekend jogging through the hills. How did you guys get access to shoot right in front of the sign?! Lucky! Can I come to your next shoot? :)

Posted by: ghost (Guest) (CA) on April 15 , 2014 @ 11:00AM


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Earlier this week, were invited to go behind the scenes at Nanette Lepore, the New-York based household brand, that season after season always manages to recreate the art of fun, feminine pieces. 

One afternoon I was visiting the showroom and atelier where Nanette herself was putting in the finishing touches days prior to her show. What amazed me the most during that visit was the quiet chaos happening – the model doing a walk in one of the runway looks, seeing some of the runway pieces still being pieced together on a mannequin, and watching as the graphics girl was creating the flyer to be placed on the seats at the show. Moments like these make me appreciate every show during NYFW even more. 

Nanette Lepore's Spring/Summer '14 collection, aptly hashtagged #NeoRomantic consisted of looks we are most excited to see in the coming warmer season: bright corals and turquoise with the obligatory white ensembles, deconstructed floral prints, and lots and lots of dresses. Thanks for having us, NL!


Posted by: Stykin (Guest) (Delhi) on July 04 , 2014 @ 03:36AM

loved all the outfits specially the shoes.

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Posted by: Metro Outfitters (Guest) (California) on February 20 , 2014 @ 04:25AM

Awesome collection I

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Posted by: fatima (Guest) (oklahoma) on February 02 , 2014 @ 04:23AM

beautiful collection. I like very mucha skinny jeans/a

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Posted by: sanjay sundar (Guest) (India) on November 08 , 2013 @ 12:29AM

Can you check out my blog its with good arivales, with good brands

Posted by: Queen (Guest) (Nanchang) on November 12 , 2013 @ 07:55PM

Yes,very nice.these clothes are very beautiful.

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Posted by: Jacqueline (Denver, CO) on October 18 , 2013 @ 06:48PM

Love this collection!a

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Posted by: jone (Guest) (jiangsu) on October 08 , 2013 @ 06:59AM


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Posted by: fromwoman (Guest) (egypt) on October 07 , 2013 @ 05:47AM

Classy and simple modelsHigher enjoy tasteThank youa title="?????? /a

Posted by: fromwoman (Guest) (egypt) on October 07 , 2013 @ 05:50AM

Classy and simple modelsHigher enjoy tasteThank ??????[/url]

Posted by: roro (Guest) (egypt) on October 07 , 2013 @ 05:48AM

Classy and simple modelsHigher enjoy tasteThank youa title=" ?????? ?????? ??????/a a title=" ?????? ?????? ??????/a

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Posted by: Jack Jerome (Guest) (Seattle, WA) on October 04 , 2013 @ 03:58PM

I love the thick heel shoe! That blue sweater reminds me of a Autumn Cashmere a that they had years ago. For some reason I like designs on see through material :)

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Posted by: johnystrong (Guest) (orlando) on October 03 , 2013 @ 12:07AM

hi this is very good and looking nice and good and nice post and this is very good post and given fashion is very nice.a electronics/a

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Posted by: Pia (Guest) (Indiana) on September 30 , 2013 @ 01:38PM

I love this collection! I've never even heard of them before and I am always searching for new designers. Love it!

Posted by: Queen (Guest) (HongKong) on November 12 , 2013 @ 07:57PM

Yes,very nice.a Development/a

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For the most part, fashion shows are all about the FASHION. But in some cases, fashion shows are quite literally SHOWS. Some designers have changed their game with unique ways to display their newest collection with a few extra bells and whistles, of course without upstaging the actual clothes. At Tracy Reese, we bopping our heads along with the bongo players. Trina Turk was a having a mini photo shoot during her groovy presentation at The Box.

DVF wrangled the top of the top models to walk her show – from Karlie Kloss to Karen Elson to the amazing Naomi Campbell who got everyone off their seats and hollering. Diane herself even took a moment to dance down the runway as her final bow. Legendary.

Opening Ceremony definitely wins for most unexpected show. Set at a massive warehouse on the pier, a collection of the all my favorite cars drove down the runway with models in the passenger seat. Girls and cars and clothes, who can ask for anything more?









Day Three. Three shows. Three completely different styles. But, each presentation evoked a sense of pure anxiousness for spring to come. Get ready for ethereal water colors and floral prints seen at Rebecca Taylor, all-white ensembles of lightweight trousers and breezy, boxy tops, bedazzled wedges and gladiator sandals seen at Tibi, and best of all Alexander Wang's take on sleepwear as outerwear, laser-cut leather, and...crop tops, crop tops, crops tops!




Recap of day four coming soon!!




Posted by: Sky Taylor (Guest) (Zheiange) on July 06 , 2014 @ 11:12PM

Thanks for sharing for This Wonderful Blogs ...

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Posted by: Bruce (Guest) (New York) on June 18 , 2014 @ 10:21PM

Excellent fashion photos! I love these all dresses of collection, such as i like and all those blog that related with fashion clothing.

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Posted by: Sta Maria (Guest) (Houston) on June 14 , 2014 @ 09:15AM

Great photos on fashion. I know a picture tells a thousand words but would love to know where these happened. I'm basically new in this fashion line with my first ecom website e1womenjeans. Jeans alone isnt surviving but that what I'll have to do, change. And great example such as yours.

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Posted by: Lemuda (Guest) (Dubai, UAE) on April 24 , 2014 @ 02:34AM

It is really a good collection of pictures. I specially like the outfit of black trouser, off white color top and a cap of golden color.

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Posted by: Ria (Guest) (Los Angeles, CA) on March 25 , 2014 @ 08:23PM

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Posted by: Clothing for women (Guest) (Utah) on March 20 , 2014 @ 12:53AM

Loved white dressing style!!

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Posted by: nick (Guest) (pennsylvania) on February 02 , 2014 @ 04:24AM

very nice picture. cool collectiona jeans/a

Posted by: test (Guest) (test) on February 19 , 2014 @ 05:26PM


Posted by: test (Guest) (los angeles, ca) on February 19 , 2014 @ 05:26PM

test test

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