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April Rain
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Spring 2011 Denim Trends - Petites too!
Denim for spring 2011 is trending away from skinnies and towards more full silhouettes - high waists and wide legs (flares) are in! For girls that are not particularly tall (myself included), rockin' the current wide leg trend can be difficult - there's nothing more disappointing than hemming a pair of flares to find out that you've basically hemmed off ALL the flare! You're stuck with jeans that look sadly unproportioned. Well, don't despair, DON'T FORGET that there is another option - buying specifically PETITE! Buying petite will help get the hem and the knee break juuuust right! You get instant gratification in that you can wear them without tailoring AND you don't have to worry about the knee break being at your ankles! PLUS, you don't feel bad about not having amazonian-length legs :) Thankfully, lots of designers make petite jeans - Joe's Provacateur, for instance. REVOLVE, being awesome, carries a ion of petite flares. If you're not short, well... you're LUCKY, I'm totally jelly! If skinnies are still your thing, don't worry, they're still in. Just grab a pair of brightly colored or coated/shiny skinnies to update your spring wardrobe and you're good to go! Denim shorts are also definitely in, especially high-waist. I'm loving all the new versions designers have come up with for Spring! Get your spring denim on!

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